Tips to get Shinier hair Now & Hair colors to dye

To celebrate the coming change in season, why don’t you think about dyeing your hair? If you’re looking for a change, take a peek at the cool summer hair coloring ideas!

Subtle Highlights

This natural, medium brown, looks great with just a subtle highlight of blonde. It helps brighten her hair whether it’s up in a bun or cascading down your black.


This ash color is featured in J.Crew and its perfect subtle shade for the casual-cool gals. Getting an ashy blend is hard to come by, so rock ti loud and proud.

Reddish brown

Reddish brown gives a warm, Christmas-time look and easily softens your features. It makes me want to grab a cup of hot cinnamon tea (really delicious, FYI).

Scattered Highlights

These scattered highlights look like your hair was just touched by the sun in a few places. It’s a little edgy and fun for summertime!

Tips to get Shinier hair Now:


You can spend hours in front of the mirror spraying, styling and smoothing your coif, but if you’re dealing with dull, lifeless locks, it’s not going to be a good hair day.

1.Restore Shininess from the inside out

We’ve long been aware that what we eat plays a huge part in how we look. To get gleaming strands, omega 3s are the way to go. The means eating plenty of fish, nuts and beans. You can also go the vitamin route by taking krill or flax oil.

2. Schedule Regular Hair cuts

Stay on a regimen. Get your hair cut every six to eight weeks. When they dried-out, dull ends are cut off, it allows the healthier hair to be shown off.

3. Wash and Style less

All know heated styling tools can compromise hair’s health, so by washing.


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