Tips 3 ideas for beautiful younger looking Hair

You may not get wrinkles on your hair, but it age all the same. Grays, dullness, thinning strands, and frizz are all unfortunately part of the hair’s ageing process, which starts happening in your 30s. The good news is that you don’t need Botox to fix these problems. Here, we give you five tips for hair that’s shiny, bouncy, healthy – and, yes, younger looking.

Trick#1 Use less shampoo

Over sudsing your hair strips away lipids that boost shine and prevent breakage- and that’s especially problematic as your scalp’s lipid count starts to drop(Which can happen after menopause). At the point, you really only have to shampoo hair at the roots. Always choose moisturizing or color protecting shampoos, which will do the least damage. To keep strands shiny, be sure to rinse thoroughly, for about a minute.

Trick#2 Go easy on wet hair

Hair is most fragile when it’s wet, which is why you should never rub it with a towel. Older hair is already more fragile, and combing it right out of the shower is also trouble. So dangle in the shower with a wide-tooth comb while you still have conditioner in your hair. And one or twice a week, slather on a creamy deep-conditioning treatment with essential oils, like sunflower and coconut from the mid shaft down.

Trick#3 Turn down the heat

Dullness, dryness, flyaway’s, and frizz are all compounded by blow-dryers, flatirons, and curling irons. Upgrade to less-damaging models. Ionic blow dryers with 2000 plus watts, ceramic irons, or the cool way system, which straightens hair without going over 300 degrees. While you’re at it, use a heat protective spray before styling. It coats hair with a layer of silicone and that’s the only thing protecting your hair.


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