QR Based- Parking Solution Introduced In Islamabad

QR Based- Parking Solution – Pakistan is also making progress in the world of technology. We are now living in the century of wonder technology. This wonder technology causes to make the human more secure and to keep our privacy more secure as compared to past. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan hence Islamabad city is more advanced than the other cities of Pakistan. Now the new QR parking system is launched. This parking system is amazing.

QR (Quick Response) parking based technology introduced in Pakistan

In this system, a QR coupon will be generated by parking area with the help of your cell phone. A car enters in the parking area with its QR coupon. Then the detailed information of your car will be stored into your coupon. This digital coupon has many befits. By this digital coupon, the chance of getting your car being theft will be 0%. At the time of your car exist from the parking area. Your digital coupon will be checked by a police officer or parking guard. If your digital coupon matches your detail then your car will be allowed to exist.

The officers will be also able to monitor the statistics of your car while entering in the parking area. Statistics mean where and when you park your car in parking area. People are really appreciating this new digital parking system because it is more secure than old parking system.

QR (Quick Response) parking based technology provides a quick and better security for the automobiles in public parking spots. Due to increasing parking problems day by day in Pakistan. The latest parking solutions were introduced by the Islamabad Police with the cooperation JS Bank on Sunday Bazaar H-9 sector. After the success of the QR-parking security system in Islamabad, it will reportedly be applied to other areas of Pakistan soon.

QR Based Technology Launches for Vehicle Security in Public Parking

The successful launching of this technology, provide less theft cases in the capital city of Pakistan. This technology will provide security to the all public parking areas at low risk.

How QR Based- Parking Solution Works?



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parking 5 - QR Based- Parking Solution Introduced In Islamabad


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