Nokia 8110 “Banana Shape” Features & Price in Pakistan

Nokia is the most reliable cell phone making company. The cell phones of Nokia are famous for their reliability. Now Nokia has launched a new feature phone. This feature phone is very attractive. The shape of this feature phone is gorgeous like a banana. Nokia 8110 “Banana” slider phone is a very attractive feature phone. The look of this feature phone is very attractive that’s why customers this feature phone due to its unique shape and pretty nice color.

Latest Nokia 8110 Reloaded Model like a Banana Specification, Price Detail

Nokia first time released Nokia 8110 “Banana” slider feature phone in 1999. Now, this feature phone launched again with some new features. Now Nokia 8110 “Banana” feature phone is 4G supported. This feature phone has Dual-core Snap-Dragon 205 processor which is the fast processor for a common feature phone. 512 MB RAM also makes it faster. The feature phone works quickly as its processor and Ram are good as compared to the normal feature phone. Nokia 8110 “Banana” shape feature phone has 4 GB of internal memory. This feature phone also supported SD card. With the 4G feature, it is also dual sim supported feature phone. Which makes to manage the two sims at a time in an attractive feature phone.

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Battery Life, Back Camer, And Price Details:

This feature phone has also a flashlight on its back. The battery of Nokia 8110 “Banana” shape slider feature phone is 1500 mAh. Hence the battery timing of this feature phone is quite impressive. This feature phone has a back camera of 2 MP with a flashlight. With the feature of 4G, its user will able to access the fat internet. Nokia feature phone is also able to access social media apps. The market value of this feature phone is increasing. Due to its unique shape and the main feature of 4G this feature phone is getting popularity. 480 million Nokia 8110 “Banana” shape slider feature phone has been sold in some previous years.


This feature phone is available at the price of 97$. & PRK 9500 This affordable price is perfect for this gorgeous and graceful feature phone.


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