Azaming Kolhapuri Chappal New Designs 2018-19 For Ladies

Finding a Kolhapuri Chappal New Designs? If you are then this post is very helpful to select the best summer chappal. The word “Kolhapuri” is the name of the Indian city and it comes from Kolhapur. The most famous Indian handmade leather slippers. This handcrafted footwear is famous in the whole world and is made in the village of the Indian state. Here is some other Indian villages name who have well known for traditional footwear are Shedbal, Athani, Mole, Ainapure.

The most famous Kolhapuri Chappal New Designs are famous since the 18th century The of leather casual chappal was given as the style of footwear in Kolhapuri.

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Kolhapuri Chappal New Designs 2018 – made with pure leather and designs according to latest fashion trends in India. The use of buffalo and grazed during process makes the leather more hard enough for the daily use. There are many designs available for Kolhapuri chappals that are including Pukari, Kachkadi, and Bakkalnali. Normally Kolhapuri chappals are famous in the rural areas of Maharashtra due to its long-lasting usable capacity. The bright color is mostly used to get much attraction. You can easily find all types of color in this kolhapuri chappal style designs 2018-19. All of these chappals will give you a funky traditional personality. Due to the usage of the different color, you can wear these slipper with all dresses.

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The traditional designs of these chappals will make the fashionable and perfect look for young girls, women and old age women. Due to their pure quality materials that have been used in these kolhapuri chappals will make it fabulous and ideal for casual use. In conclusion, you can also wear it with different casual, formal, semi-formal and party wears dresses 2018-19.


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